Many people and organizations struggle to communicate effectively, I have a solution that helps you communicate with confidence, competence and influence so that you can get ahead in your market place

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Meet Caleb

No. 1 Leadership and Communication Consultant

I am a Storyteller, Biographer, Leadership and Media Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Communication Consultant and a Martial Arts Instructor. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Journalism Studies from Cardiff University in Wales, United Kingdom. I have been in active journalism for over 30 years, having served as a Bureau Chief and News Editor with the Nation Media Group where I managed one of the world’s busiest News Desk.  I consult for the World Bank, TradeMark East Africa and UNDP among other institutions. 

From My Blog

I started writing with the aim of transforming the world. I still write to help the world grow and heal from countless societal ailments.

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We all need inspiration to grow in life. If you are an aspiring writer, a communication specialist or a public relations practitioner in need of a hand to move to the nex...
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“You have every right to feel a sense of pride. As I said at the launch of this book, there are indeed few Kenyans with your kind of patience. Thank you for standing with me through this project, which has been crowned with success.”

Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka

Former Vice President-Kenya

“Caleb has been my professional colleague for more than 25 years. We both worked in the Kenyan media and later as co-trainers in journalism. I run AfricaonAir, a media training and content production organization based in Nairobi and we use Caleb as a trainer or facilitator. I find him very professional in his approach to work and meticulous with his planning”

Joseph Warungu
MD- Africa On Air

Caleb Atemi is a great tutor and instructor who pulls from his unique experience as a veteran journalist. Throughout my journalism career I often pull from the fantastic knowledge he imparted in me as a fellow of the Standard Media Group's ScribesInc programme. 

Trix Ingado

Presenter- KTN


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