Meet Caleb

I am a Storyteller, Biographer, Leadership and Media Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Communication Consultant and a Martial Arts Instructor.


I hold a Master of Arts degree in Journalism Studies from Cardiff University in Wales, United Kingdom. I have been in active journalism for over 30 years, having served as a Bureau Chief and News Editor with the Nation Media Group where I managed one of the world’s busiest News Desk. 


I consult for the World Bank, TradeMark East Africa and UNDP among other institutions. I have served as a media trainer and mentor for the Kenya Media Programme under Hivos, the Judiciary, the Free and Fair Media Programme under Internews in Kenya, and the Standard Media Group where I conducted in-house training in News Writing and Storytelling.


My consultancy work has covered Europe, South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Ethiopia among other countries. I have written and edited several books, memoirs and autobiographies for various prominent personalities and institutions in Kenya.


My vast experience in writing and editing gives me the confidence to professionally execute writing and editorial services for all my clients.


I am the CEO of Taikan Africa, a fitness and wellness company that promotes; Leadership, Health and Self-defence through Karate, Aikido and Chess.    

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Caleb Atemi

No. 1 Leadership and Communication Consultant

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