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Extremely identified woven upper!New Series Nike React Sertu is on sale this week!

Nike React is slow,breaking 2 nike shoes and it is recognized by a lot of flourish with a good foot feel.Shoes around this technology have also have a good evaluation and reputation.Recently, the new Nike React SERTU series is about to debut, and Atmos_tokyo has brought the latest foot-legged beauty on the eve of sale.The deconstruction level of this pair of shoes is very rich, and the body has a striking weaving Multi Woven design, with delicate leather stitching, nike apple watch band 44mm with a profile identification.MINI SWOOSH logo embroidered in front of the shoe head, the side of the 10th tag, exaggerated tongue, exaggerated, showing the same outline as the upper, showing a very outstanding street temperament.It is reported that this pair will be available on September 6th, priced price \u0026 yen; 15,000 yen, nike sweats about RMB ¥ 1100 yuan.In addition to this brown, there are many pairs of color colors for previous exposure, I don’t know if this will be released in the same period.There is no clear delivery of information in China. Interested small partners can continue to pay attention to our information, we will bring follow-up tracking reports in the first time.NIKE React SERTU Offer Date: September 6 Item No .: AT5301-700